We bring to your attention a cotton wick for feeding bumblebee families that are actively used in greenhouses. The wick has high quality indicators for the full feeding of bumblebees, the size range of the produced wicks allows to satisfy any individual requests of hive developers.
Emelian Savostin LLC is the only one manufacturer of cotton wicks on the Russian market.

We manufacture cotton wicks of high quality cotton non-woven fabric and meet all the requirements regarding the safety of the starting material and capillary conductivity.
Prompt and high-quality production of wicks from 100% cotton in any volume. A wide range of sizes allows you to use any design of the hives, taking into account the specifics of feeding.

  • wick diameter: from 8 mm to 35 mm
  • wick length: from 25 mm to 450 mm

The dimensions of the wicks within the above limits, as well as the weight and density of the product, as well as its amount in the package, can be changed at the request of the customer.

Reference letter by Yu. M.Luzhkov

  • 01.11.2021

    Permanent Registration Certificates Obtained In Kazakhstan

  • 17.08.2021

    Permanent Registration Certificates Obtained In Kazakhstan And Kyrgyzstan

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