The cotton factory was founded in 1850 by local industrialists - EmelianYakovlevichSavostin and his nephews in the center of the Ryazan Meshchera. Equipped with machines of the latest designs, the factory had profitable production and wide distribution throughout the Russian Empire, including for the intendancy procurement. After nationalization in 1919, the factory was part of the Klepikovsky cotton trust, the Klepikovsky cotton production association, and OAO Vatiz.

On April 30, 1997, the factory became an independent limited liability company, Emelyan Savostin Cotton Factory.

Qualified personnel and advanced high-tech equipment ensure the high quality of products meeting the international standards. Due to the wide range of products and eco-friendliness, our products have proved themselves to be the best on the market of medical and cosmetic products and are of interest to both wholesale customers and ordinary customers. In addition to medical supplies, the company’s range harmoniously integrates feminine, child and hospital hygiene products, cosmetic and hygiene products, gauze wipes and much more. Participation in the formation of the market, constant monitoring of its market conditions allows the company to constantly expand the range of goods that are in steady and growing demand. We offer various forms and terms of cooperation and are focusing on the satisfaction of individual customer needs, regional specifics.

Our goal is the formation of an orderly market with the offer to the end consumer an assortment of products of the best quality at the best price.

  • 12.05.2023

    Permanent registration certificates have been received in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

  • 04.05.2023

    Iran Health 2023 International Exhibition

  • 01.05.2023

    Emelyan Savostin LLC will participate in the international business mission to the Republic of Egypt

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