Emelyan Savostin, LLC has been providing a long-term patronage assistance to the municipal budget educational facility Contact Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance aimed exclusively at supporting the build-up of material and technical capability of the Center. Within the framework of the cooperation, the company provided the Center with the equipment for working with children: laptops and projectors, certified software for psychodiagnostics, sensory equipment and Montessori educational kits, costumes, props and professional musical equipment for children's parties, a complex for sand and art therapy. In 2018, in addition to the main assistance, the Сolibri-Logo software and hardware complex was purchased - a unique set of equipment designed and produced in Russia for the interactive development and correction of higher mental functions, the development of memory, attention, thinking and speech with children. The complex is used for working with both healthy and disabled kids. It is the first complex of its kind in the Ryazan region. Currently, 725 children, including 60 children with disabilities, study at the Contact Center on a permanent basis.
Strengthening the material base of the Center contributed to the achievement of more significant results by an excellent team of professionals.
In 2014, teachers and psychologists of the Contact Center were awarded a First Degree Diploma for their participation in the "Innovation. Education. Mastership"  regional festival-contest of educational organizations of the Ryazan region in the category "Professional Training and Supplementary Education".
In 2015, the staff of the Contact Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance was awarded a II Degree Diploma of the CREATION OF SUCCESS International Internet Contest for Teachers in the category "Educational and methodological works".
In 2017, the specialists of the Contact Center became the winners of the "Innovation. Education. Mastership" regional contest and were awarded a First Degree Diploma in the category "Additional education".
In 2017, the Emelyan Savostin, LLC director V. A. Gubanov became the winner in the regional contest "Education is subject of mutual concern" in the category "Preschool education", where he was awarded a diploma and a "Patron of the Year" commemorative medal.
In 2018, the Contact Center participated in the "My Innovations in Education-2018"  All–Russia Pedagogical Contest and came in 2nd among 42 regions of the Russian Federation and 1463 works by the winners of the contest’s regional stages.
In 2018, by order of the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Ryazan Region, the Contact Municipal Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance was awarded the status of a regional innovation platform. Organizations recognized as innovative platforms have the right to develop, test and implement new elements of education and educational systems, new pedagogical technologies, forms, methods and means of teaching.
The specialists of the Contact Center have been repeatedly awarded with diplomas, letters of gratitude and certificates of honor at the local, regional and all-Russia levels.
In 2019, the director of the Contact Municipal Center N. V. Pugacheva became the winner of the All-Russian competition "Best Leaders of the Russian Federation", which was held in the format of 5 stages from May 21, 2018 to February 18, 2019.
In 2020, by order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Natalia Pugacheva, Director of the Contact Center, was awarded the title "Honorary Worker of Education and Upbringing of the Russian Federation".
In 2020, as part of the cooperation, the СUBIС software and hardware complex was purchased for the Center. The complex is designed to make the process of education and training of children more interesting and diverse due to appealing graphics, visual effects and high-quality sound. The built-in software makes CUBIC a universal assistant to the teacher for conducting classes, games and exercises.
The interactive simulator "Safety: Traffic rules" for children to learn the rules of the road in form of a game makes it possible to immerse each player in a potentially dangerous situation, but at the same time in safe conditions, and allows one to analyze and prevent mistakes that a child could make in life.
The interactive complex "Wonderland" immerses one in the atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. By controlling their body movements, children draw with light, create shapes from their silhouettes, or change a winter landscape to a summer one. The games section is designed for warm-up, entertainment, physical activity between the main classes, as well as for rehabilitation purposes specifically for players of any age with disabilities.
In March 2021, the CUBIC hardware and software system became the winner of the Golden Bear Cub award in the category "Best educational equipment and training tools".
In February 2021, modern equipment was purchased for the Contact Center – an ArtikMe smart mirror for speech therapy produced by the Innovations for Children company in Chelyabinsk. This innovative equipment was developed in 2020, and is the only one in the Ryazan region at this time.
A smart mirror is necessary for the prevention and correction of speech disorders in children. Preventive and development blocks include articulation and finger exercises, breathing exercises, as well as the memory, attention, and logic training capabilities. Both speech therapists and psychologists, as well as speech pathologists of the center can use this equipment with children who have various disorders of speech and mental activity. The equipment has a certificate of compliance with the SanPiN (Sanitary Rules and Norms).
Within the framework of cooperation with the Contact Center, new equipment had been donated to the Center followed by the opening of Giant Owl sensory-dynamic rehabilitation facility on April 14, 2022. The sensory-dynamic rehabilitation facility is designed for the development and correction of such higher mental functions as memory, attention and speech.
Emelyan Savostin LLC sponsors a social project on the formation of universal environment supportive of correction and development, which makes the Contact Center a unique and modern educational institution. In 2023, the Center significantly expanded its material and methodological resources. The Owl House sensory-dynamic complex was updated with new equipment, which completed its creation and logically correct structuring. The equipment of the complex is designed to support comprehensive sensory development of children.
In addition to sensory equipment, necessary equipment and training aids for a psychologist's consulting room and a speech therapist's office were purchased, which include diagnostic, developmental and correctional visual materials, manuals and games for children of different age, as well as educational panels for neuro-training.


















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