Economical fuel!


Economical fuel!
Cotton fuel bricks for heating houses,
summer houses, garages, greenhouses, industrial premises, construction sites, security stations, etc.
It can be used with all conventional wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, boilers, including long-term burners, bath boilers.
Product shape – disks
Size: 7cm (diameter) x 4cm (height).
Packaging: convenient polypropylene packages of 10kg and 25 kg.
Sale of any amount starting from 10kg for convenience of storage is performed throughout the calendar year on week days from 8AM to 5PM.
The combustion heat is 4500-4900 kcal/ kg
1 metric ton of cotton fuel bricks equals to 6 cubic meters of firewood in heat production efficiency.
Combustion produces virtually no ash residue.