Emelyan Savostin, LLC actively collaborates with clients in creating special products for promos, allowing the free offer of inexpensive competitive product subject to the purchase of other specific products. Practice has demonstrated the high efficiency of this method of sales.

As part of the promos , our company has successfully prepared and sold products for such well-known brands as Suprastin - the promo product Cosmetic cotton pads, Betadin - the promo product Cosmetic cotton buds, Sub Simplex- the promo product Cosmetic cotton pads, etc.
Our experience has shown that the most successful promo products comprise:

  • 12.05.2023

    Permanent registration certificates have been received in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

  • 04.05.2023

    Iran Health 2023 International Exhibition

  • 01.05.2023

    Emelyan Savostin LLC will participate in the international business mission to the Republic of Egypt

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